What to look out for when having a security guard?

What to look out for when having a security guard?

Before hiring a guard, consider the extent to which a guard can work legally and humanely. – White Star / File

There was a time when watchmen were seen patrolling the streets whistling. Then came a slight change and they started patrolling on bicycles, and they were also given a stick to protect themselves.

Then, overnight, the uniformed men were handed pistols, most of whom could not even wield weapons. It is estimated that there are currently 55,000 private security guards in Karachi alone compared to the 27,000-strong police force.

There are two major types of security guards: those who have retired from the armed forces and those who have a civilian background. The quality of service depends on how much you are willing to pay for a guard, not on how qualified he is.

Guards with an armed background usually have to pay more but they are considered organized and imaginative and refuse to do other irrational things. Guards with a civilian background are less expensive and they are willing to do other work besides guarding for a few rupees.


The law and order situation in the security sector is not so good, so different security companies have different standards in each city and province.

Once you decide to have a security guard, a lot of questions come to your mind: what do you have to do about it? Where can you find guards? What do you know about the guards or their company? Do you have to feed them? What will happen when he goes on vacation?

There are many such questions but some of them can be easily answered.

Below are answers to these questions and some tips you may need when having a security guard.

Where to recruit guards?

Ask friends and neighbors who already have guards or consult with security acquaintances. Personal experience can be the best advice in this regard.

Consult with Best UK Security providers(https://admiresecurity.com/). This site will be helpful in providing information about reputable security agencies and you may find answers to many questions regarding the company.

Tip : If your needs are limited, work with smaller companies. Larger companies prefer to work with clients who need a large number of guards because doing so is more profitable for them.

How do I know if a company or a guard is trustworthy?

Talk to company representatives about your needs in detail. Always interview the guard who is being assigned to you, especially when you want to keep them for your home.

Setting up a file for each of your guards is a sign of a good company that has a whole record of everything from hiring them to the present day. The absence of a file is a strong indication of poor quality service.

The file should include at least the following:

۔ Copy of ID card

۔ Police clearance

۔ Guard background verification

۔ Training details (handling possible situations or handling weapons)

۔ Certificates and / or licenses

How much does a guard cost?

The cost to the guard depends on what kind of service you need and where you need it. It can cost more to have a guard at a residence than in a commercial area. Make sure your guard is paid more than the minimum wage set by the government. The company retains 30 to 40 percent of the fixed value while the remaining amount is their salary.

What kind of guards should you have?

Again, the type of guard depends on your needs.

Here are the things to keep in mind when guarding your home:

Guards must be between 40 and 50 years of age (underage guards can be a threat to women in the home.)

Lives close to your residence or provided a ride by the company.

Their views are similar to yours or they do not strongly disagree with your views. Your religious beliefs, dress, lifestyle, food and pets should not provoke them. It is therefore important that you have personally interviewed the guard or asked a trusted person.


In addition to the above, the guards of the security forces must have other requirements as well.

Five years experience in the same field.

Know how to use small arms (shot guns may look dangerous but can’t be used in a car)

Have an active mobile phone with them at all times.

Know how to drive (it’s not necessary but it would be better)

Tip : If he sits in your car: he can only protect himself or most of the driver when sitting in the front seat. Sit the guard back and sit in the front so he can respond to the potential threat from all sides. If this is not possible, it is best to have a guard in the car behind you.

Guards for your business:

Determine your security requirements first with the help of a company or professional auditor.

Prepare a regular written and unanimous post order (under post orders, any deviation from them can be penalized)

Now you have a guard, what to do next?

Give the guard written orders in a language he or she understands. (The company must know and agree to these orders in advance, and provide translations if needed.)

Let them know exactly who will be allowed to enter your building premises (family, friends, customers, etc.)

Make sure the guard is using the weapon carefully and not in a place where children have access.

Don’t ask the guard to open the door or wash the car. These actions can distract them from their original duty and such mistakes can lead to financial and loss of life for you.

Provide them with easily accessible toilets in your own building. This is important because most of the incidents occur when the guards leave their posts and go to a nearby restaurant, roadside or some other place for defecation.

Provide them food or allow them to use the stove to heat food brought from home. It is often heard that incidents occur when the guard leaves the post and goes to a nearby restaurant to eat, which is sometimes a long way away.

Establish a regular security post. When deploying outdoors, provide them with a roof to protect them from the weather. The guard must be provided with a comfortable chair, not a stool.

Prevent guards from having lengthy conversations with strangers within or in front of your building.

Make sure he is not working more than 12 hours a day. Also allow them to take one day a week and two weeks off a year with pay.

It is rumored that companies deduct money from their salaries to prevent them from taking weekly or annual leave. Forcing a guard to work extra hours is just as illegal as it is to not be able to work effectively in extra hours.

If you want to hire a person as a guard, understand the extent to which a guard can work legally and humanely. Make legitimate expectations of them and stick to them to meet them, because they are at the forefront of your safety.

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